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Are you looking for the best products and expert advice on haircuts for men? If yes, then welcome to our site where we are going to guide you all about the professional products. Also, the top styles in trend and how you can achieve it. Stay connected and know all about the top hair products for men and how to use it.

Bald Fade


Bald Fade + Pompadour:

A bald fade topped with classic pomp is the best choice. It could be for wider faces & especially for round or diamond face cuts. Bald fade haircuts are trendy in barbershops all around the world from the last few years. It will continue to be 2020 men’s top haircut choice. It is more commonly known as skin fade. Like all other fades, it comes in three forms. Low, medium or high. Are you worried how to manage your thick curly hair? Worry no more because a mid bald fade haircut will keep your hair in place.

Make sure to keep your hair long enough at the top to style in messy pomp. This overall style will make your curls more manageable and offers an ultra-neat yet fresh look. And your natural hair will stay the same. If you like a short pompadour, you should ask your barber for a high bald fade. With a short pompadour, you must have shaved sideburns. If you’re a fan of the long pompadour, mid or low fade should be your choice for maximum contrast and styling. So, this might be clear to you now that bald fade with pompadour looks perfect. It should be your ultimate choice now.

Quiff and Beard


Fade + Quiff and Beard:

Along with pompadour, Quiff is yet another fashionable hairstyle for men. However, its messy appearance makes it unique. And when paired with faded sides, it looks more stylish and versatile. This high contrast style plays great on various face cuts and hair types. Whether you’re an Asian, African or American, faded haircuts have something to offer you. Go for a sharp fade on sides and back. It will make you look more modern and classic. High fades will help to highlight your modern Quiff at the top of your head.

However, high fade haircuts do not suit on medium to lengthy hairs. Low fades can add a subtle effect to your classic Quiff. Medium fades are in between, and they give you the joy of both wild and subtle effects. Beard is a fantastic idea for complementing your Quiff haircut. Whether a short trimmed or a full thick beard, it can add more definition to your style. It will make your personality classier. A high fade haircut with a modern textured Quiff and beard, it makes a complete noticeable look. Do you know that fade and the quick combination is so in trend? And even salon experts say that it is in demand and they also recommend it.

Disconnected Undercut

Textured Slick Back

Disconnected Undercut + Textured Slick Back:

Undercut made a strong revival in 2010, and now it’s again back in 2020 with tremendous hype. This haircut goes well with all types of hair. Whether you have straight hair, curly or wavy, you can rely on undercut without even making any further choice. You have straight long hair and are confused about a haircut? Consider undercutting with a textured slicked back hairstyle. Use hair gels or pomade to add texture and volume to your hair. This haircut will surely make your look more polished and textured. You have short hair, get a disconnected undercut with shaved sides.

This sort of sideburns can make your haircut sharper and more dapper. It is a quite daring look but suits a lot of short hairs. If you have curly hairs, you can still opt for an undercut to tame your locks perfectly. It will highlight your nice curls on the top yet creating a neat appearance. Slicked back undercut can also make your long waves more stylish. Disconnected undercut adds a lot of definition to your slicked-back hair.

Moreover, undercut makes your hair more manageable. You don’t have to worry about setting your hair for hours in the morning. They will look perfect even if they are messy.

Best Haircuts for men (A Complete Informative Guide 2020)

No one can deny the importance of a nice haircut. According to a survey in 2009, nearly 74% of women said that men hairs are the first thing they see. To look well organised and groomed, you need to get a good haircut first. Haircuts for men are significant as they can change your whole personality. Just as a lovely haircut plays a positive impact on one’s personality, bad haircut tends to ruin it. You can either win someone’s heart by your first impression or be a failed hero of a flop movie.

Of course, every man wants his first impression to be great. And when it comes to your 1st date, you shouldn’t even take a chance. The first thing every guy should do before his date night should be his hairdo. But keep in mind hairstyle must match your outfit for a complete gentleman look. For example, if you have dressed classic, your hairstyle should not be vintage, or some other rock looks.

Here are some professional tips for the perfect haircut.

  • If you’re an athlete, long hair might not suit you. You should go for some buzz cuts and crewcuts.
  • If you’re going for your business meeting tomorrow, you should keep your hairstyle soft yet elegant. Side parts or Comb overs will be the best for you.
  • If you have a nice grown beard, you should go for a Man Bun. If that’s not your style, then you may try Fringes or Undercut.
  • If you’re a highly fashionable man and follow all the new trends, you should combine various haircuts. Like Fringes, Faux Hawk, Undercut and Pompadour etc.

Things you may know before you get a haircut:

After knowing the importance of haircuts for men, now you’re heading to the barber’s shop for a fresh haircut. A kind of haircut that suits your personality. You must know some professional cuts to convince your barber. Here are some examples below:

Top finish

It is essential to know which texture of length you prefer. Are you into layers or a messy look? Do you know that it’s now about the length it’s also about the volume of your hair? So, if you love messy looks, choose choppy or layered. If you want to reduce the volume of your hair, you can even go for other haircuts like mentioned-above.

Tapering or Fade

A gradual change of your hair length from top of head to downwards is tapering. Fades are shorter than tapers, and they don’t end until your skin reaches. There are three fade levels. High, medium and low.


Men who have a clean shave should consider sideburns for a perfect gentleman look. 


If you’ve big ears, never go for a high arch. You can go for the natural ones if you like it


There are three types of the nape. If you’ve got a thin neck, you must cover it with blocked nape or the rounded nape. It is like the blocked one, except it has rounded edges. If you have got a thick neck, opt for the tapered nape.


Frequently Asked Questions:

It depends on the growth of your hair and your hairstyle. First, we’ll talk about hair growth. Have you ever noticed your hair growth? If not, the next time, you should measure your length after getting a haircut. After a month again notice your hair growth, and you’ll come to know what we are talking about. On average, hair grows half-inch every month—it may vary. Hair growth largely depends on your genetics and your hair care routine.

If you’ve got good hair genes and you’re taking all the necessary measures for the maintenance of your hair. They will have a maximum growth rate. So, if you have got an average hair growth rate, we recommend you get a haircut once a month. Because regular haircuts are essential for maintaining the health of your hair, it prevents your hair from thinning and reduces split ends. Now how your haircut routine depends on your hairstyle? Some hairstyles like undercut or fade require frequent visits to the barber to maintain your hairstyle. Because when your hair pops out on your fade, they make a mess. So, you can go to your barber and ask him that according to your hairstyle when you should come next.


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For those who are looking for proper guides and product recommendations on haircuts for men, we are here for you. Testing and finding out the perfect products that match every man’s needs is our primary interest. After all, hairs are an essential thing of our personality. We must pay great attention to them and use chemical-free products. We will also guide you about how to style your hairs, what’s in trend and how to follow the trend. To support your needs, we have the best tips and list of the top hairstyles that are in demand.

If you are a college student, it’s a must that you follow the trend. Even if you work in an office or are a businessperson, we know what your style is. But, the most critical thing we all look for is quick and easy hair products as they make our life more manageable because of our hectic routine. We don’t want to spend hours on just our hair and miss an important meeting and class. So, we guide you about the top range of products professionals use for quick makeovers. Do check out our recommendations for all hair products that are essential for men.