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Try These Amazing Hair Paint Wax for Temporary Color

Hair paint wax is an improved and latest version of temporary hair dyes. It is better than permanent hair dyes in the sense that it washes off very easily. It is a perfect product for those who want to change their hair color very often. These paint wax help you try multiple choices in just a matter of a few days. You can quickly go from burgundy to vibrant blue, mermaid green, and so on. As it does not contain harsh chemicals like ammonia, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your lustrous locks due to its frequent use. They are equally suitable for health and style.

Most of the brands use natural ingredients like beeswax and different things that are good for your hair. It not only changes the color of your hair but also conditions it and make it healthier. It is not specific for any typical hair texture, and it is suitable for all hair textures—whether straight, wavy, curly, thin, or thick. It works to enhance every hair texture by giving them a smooth finish. It looks good on both dark hair and light hair. But it goes a bit greater with dark hues than the lighter one. However, it is transparent, and you can use it on lighter hair. Another thing that is cool about hair paint wax is that they are super easy to use. It is completely dry and does not even feel sticky or itchy. Here are the top 10 hair paint wax reviews. Go through the list, buy your favorite one, and paint your hair as often as you feel like doing it!

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1. Hailicare 4 Colors Temporary Hair Dye Wax:

Hailicare color hair wax is a temporary hair color available in a 4-in-1 design. It has four different colors (silver, blue, red, and purple) in the kit. It offers not only a new hair color but also a natural matte hairstyle for you. You can sculpt, mold, or create any texture of your hair. It is perfect for daily usage of events like parties, festivals, night club, and cosplays. It consists of natural herbal ingredients that do not harm your hair in any way possible. It also prevents scalp irritation. The best thing about it is that it is super easy to use. It is a unisex design and identical for both men and women. It is super affordable and saves you from the worry of visiting a salon. This color hair wax is perfect for daily usage as it does not contain any harsh chemicals. It works on all types of hairs, whether straight or curly.

2. MOFAJANG Unisex Hair Wax Dye Styling Cream Mud

An excellent temporary hair color wax that models your hairstyle and changes its color quickly. It is not sticky at all and best for your new year’s eve and Halloween makeover. It is totally safe to use and washes out easily. You don’t have to get worried about damaging your hair because it contains all the natural ingredients like beeswax and tea extract. Due to its herbal and natural formula, it gives you very natural color. It works best to mold your hair; however, you want them to be. This lovely colorful spell is suitable for all hair types, but it gives excellent results on dark-colored hair such as brown and black hair. It not only dyes your hair, but castor oil in this hair wax also helps to condition your hair. Moreover, it also smells so good.

3. Spdoo 6 Colors Unisex Multi-Color Temporary Modeling Fashion DIY Hair Color Wax

If you want to change your hair color for just one day, this hair paint wax is for you. The kit includes six different hair colors that are Gold, Green, Grey, Blue, Purple, and Red. It’s a one-time hair color wax, and you can use it just once. It easily washes out after a shampoo. With this, you can either add some highlights to your hair or color your entire head. These hair paints will give you a very bright color without even bleaching your hair. And yes, it works on dark hair colors too. If you find the color to be less bright than your expectations, do not cake it on. Wait for a while, and it takes some time to show up. It is very pigmented, which makes you use a small amount of product. If you use it daily, don’t worry; one container will still last up to one month.

4. Sovoncare 4 Colours Temporary Hair Color Wax

Another hair color wax that lets you style your hair with an instant change to your hair color. It is entirely safe to use due to its organic formula and doesn’t damage your hair. It does not even contain any bleach in it. This hair wax is not an ordinary one; it is not sticky at all and provides you with smooth hair. It is an ideal product for different events like parties, night club, and Halloween. It can even be used by kids to achieve a unicorn look. Transform their hair into attractive colors for fancy dress show. It is not hard to get out of your hair. It is a bit messy, but once the product gets dry, it is so easy to manage everything. The good thing about this product is it will not stain your clothes or pillow.

5. KooJoee Temporary Hair Dye Easy Wash Hairstyle Cream

A non-sticky hair wax that temporarily colors your hair and makes it stiff for styling. It is fun to use and washes out so easily. It is for the ones who like changing their hair color often. With all the natural ingredients, it nourishes your hair and prevents from damaging. It has a very refreshing masculine fragrance. It holds your hair, but in order to saturate your hair, you’ll need more amount product. This brand has nine different color options that are Black, White, Ash Grey, Orange, Gold, Green, Blue, Purple, and Wine Red. Blue is the most rated color in this package. It comes in a little jar and is so easy to carry with you anywhere. On the downside, it does not get dry, and if you sleep with the wax on, it will stain your bedding or pillow.

6. Alinice Hair Wax Color

Anyone looking for a 2 in 1 tool for styling and hair color, look no further than this hair paint was on natural hair. It consists of all the herbal ingredients like plant essence, bee propolis, tea extract, and fossil water. It also contains vitamins and proteins which make your hair smooth and silky. It is suitable for all kinds of hair types, whether thick or thin. It gives your hair a glossy texture and shines that it needs. This hair wax color is a great idea to match your hair color with your costume. It is not only easy but fun to use. Moreover, you don’t even need to shampoo to wash it out. It can quickly come out with just warm water. The best thing about this hair wax is it comes with sun protection. It is one of the best hair paint wax for natural hair.

7. Ochine One-time Molding Paste Hair Styling Hair Color Wax

You will be able to change the color of your hair daily if you have the Ochine Hair Color Wax. It offers seven different colors to choose from. A wide range of colors provides a fashionable lifestyle on a daily basis. The colors are red, blue, white, yellow, purple, green, and grey. You can use each color individually or mix two or three of them to create a new color of your choice. You can also create a rainbow hairstyle by making streaks of these seven different colors. It gives more good results on dark hair like black, blonde and brown tones. It can also enhance your hair color if you have died your hair blue, red, or purple. It has a very strong fragrance like men’s cologne. But yes, it’s a bit messy and seems so sticky, which is difficult to manage for some people.

8. Volluck 6 Colours Temporary Hair Dye Wax

VOLLUCK hair wax is one of the professional hair waxes that gives your hair a perfect matte look. It is chemical-free and made of plant extracts. It is not only made from all-natural ingredients but also not contain any heavy metals. It is very pigmented and has a stronghold to change your hair shape as you like. It adds luster to your personality while making your hair glossy. If you’re planning for a unique Halloween look, this hair paint wax is best for you. It is easily washable by water, but it’s kind of messy and clumpy, which is the drawback of this hair paint wax. It will surely save your money and worry about going to the salon. With this hair product, you can easily manage to paint your hair whatever color you want.

9. Swaker Hair Color Wax, Instant Hairstyle Cream

This hair color wax is more like cream and very easy to manage. It does not make any mess like other hair paint wax. It is available in nine colors: Silver Grey, Pink Red, Purple, Gold, White, Blue, Green, Orange, Black. Each color is fun in its way. Gold is the most rated color in this series. It gives perfect highlights on dark-colored hairs like black and dark brown. It is an ideal Christmas gift for your best friend to have perfect streaks on Christmas eve. And if you’re planning to get new permanent hair color, this hair color wax is best for you. You can quickly try any color of it to see if the color you’re planning to get really suits you or not.

10. UrbanX hair color wax – temporary colored paint hair dye

Do you have thick hair? And no hair paint wax suits you? Go for UrbanX hair color wax. It will definitely not disappoint you as it is suitable for medium to thick hair. It gives the hair an instant gorgeous color as well as a hold long enough to style your hair. It has a speedy result and also comes out after just one shampoo. No more worry about staining your white bed sheets because this hair paint wax dries out pretty quickly. It is not strong enough to withstand sweating or heavy rain. It quickly comes out with water. It is so safe that it can even be used by kids.


How to use hair paint wax?

Wash your hair. Take a small amount of wax and apply it on damp hair. Let it dry for 15 minutes. Now you can apply a second layer if you want a more intense color. Always use rubber gloves to apply the hair paint wax as most of the brands leave stains.

What does hair paint wax do to your hair?

It gives your hair a temporary color while perfectly styling your hair in the way you want. It consists of natural ingredients that are beneficial for the health of your hair.


Changing your hair color multiple times is now much easier than ever before. If you’re looking for a way to change your hair over and over in the most affordable possible way, hair paint wax is for you. You can easily find these hair paint wax at Walmart. You can change the color of your hair without being worried about damage to your hair. Because almost all the hair paint wax includes natural ingredients that are entirely safe for the health of your hair. You can even use it on your kid while preparing him/her for a fancy dress show in school. Thanks to these hair paint wax.

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