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Get Your Hands on the Top 10 Special Effects Hair Dyes

Semi-permanent hair dyes are specially for those who practice a fashionable lifestyle and follow new trends. We have reviewed the Special effects hair dyes that are well-known for their wide range of authentic semi-permanent hair dyes.

They have a wide variety of colors, which are so easy and fun to use. Most people do not use dyes in fear of damaging their hair, but you have to worry no more. These special effects hair dyes are totally safe to use. They do not cause any damage to your hair because their chemical formula includes high quality, safe, and herbal ingredients.
It not only gives your hair the desired color but also conditions your hair and makes them softer. These hair dyes enable you to create different hair shades and give a natural and healthy look to your hair.

It does not contain any chemical smell as all other hair dyes do; instead, it has a very pleasant and light smell. It is eco-friendly and not tested on animals at all. It has a semi-permanent formula that temporarily changes your hair color to different shades (whatever you choose). They have atomic pink, purple, vibrant blue, nuclear red, burgundy wine, devilish, and many more.

Features of special effects hair dyes:

All the dyes come in bottles, and each bottle contains 118 ml of color. Special effects hair dye colors your hair the way you want them and last for 3-6 weeks. After three weeks, the dark colors began to lighten into a very soft shade of the corresponding color. It gives you a very natural color and eventually washes out.

Furthermore, if you use it on bleached hair, you will still get the exact color. Even it stays longer on bleached hair than natural dark or unbleached hair. It allows you to style your hair any way you like to. It is suitable for any hair type, i.e., not specific for any single hair type. It makes your hair more manageable and stylish. It also enhances the natural shine of your hair.

Another good thing about these hair dyes is they are not sticky like other typical semi-permanent hair dyes. All the products of special effects come with instructions for their correct use.

Get your hands on the top 10 special effects hair dyes discussed below:

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1. Special Effects Nuclear Red Hair Dye

Want to dye your hair red? Special Effects Nuclear Red Hair Dye is your go-to color. The red color is the trendiest in 2020. Many celebrities have turned into redheads. Bella Thorne surely gives us some significant goals.

Moreover, the red color gives you a bolder look. For a dark red color precisely the same in the bottle, bleach your hair first and then apply the color. You can also get the best results on light-colored hairs. It is effortless and easy to use. It is so easy to apply that an amateur can do it at home. It is not messy at all. It functions well with various kinds of hairs, whether curly, straight, soft, or coarse hair.

Section your hair and then apply the nuclear red color from roots to tips. The bottle suggests to leave the color on your hair for 15 minutes, but we recommend to apply it for at least 40-45 minutes on. It lasts for three weeks with a normal routine of shampoo. If you use dry shampoo, it will last even longer for about 5-6 weeks.

2. Special Effects Hair Dye – Deep Purple

Purple is another ongoing color in the hot trends in 2020. It might not be natural hair color, but still, it has become a top pick of girls nowadays. But for getting a perfect purple hue, you have to choose the perfect hair dye, and there is no better option then this deep purple hair dye by special effects.

It has an intense purple shade with tones of pink in it. It is a semi-permanent formula that is chosen by many professionals. It lasts for 3-6 weeks. In the early weeks, it turns to be an exotic purple color, and afterward, it becomes lighter in the shade of purple, like pink. Some people say that after fading, it gives a shade of magenta color.

For optimal results, apply it for 20-30 minutes. Always remove from one hair strand first to see if the dye has appropriately stained or not. Then rinse out all your hairs and shampoo. It is identical for light brown hair, or you have to bleach your hair to get the exact shade. It glows faintly on blonde hair too.

3. Special Effects Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Burgundy Wine

It is a dark red shade that will look just perfect on your locks. All the 80’s trends are coming back in 2020. This shade is also a trend of the late ’80s, which has restored its status in the modern fashion world. This shade suits best on cool skin tones.

If you want to get a black to burgundy color, apply it on unbleached hair and make sure not to apply the right amount of dye on your roots. Darker roots always give it a more alluring effect.

But if you’re not a fan of a darker shade of burgundy, then apply it on bleached hair. You can also give hints of burgundy on your natural hair color. Your hair will look the best. So, if you want a professional hair color, go for this product. It will definitely give you a salon-like finish at home.

4. Special Effects Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Blue Haired Freak

Blue is the favorite color of most people around the world. It is the most attractive hue, which is known to have positive effects on the mind. It is the color of the sea and sky that represents depth and freedom. So, if you plan to turn your head into vibrant blue color, do not forget special effects blue-haired freak. It is a highly pigmented hair dye and does not contain any harmful chemicals. It does dye not only your hair but also conditions it.

For a vibrant blue color, bleach your hair for optimal results. You don’t need a developer for its application. It lasts for 4-6 weeks, depending on your hair type. It may even extend up to 8-9 weeks. After four weeks, it turns into a bold purple or violet shade.

5. Special Effects – Napalm Orange

You have been seeing new trends of hair colors appearing on Instagram daily. Which hair color should you go for a really unique yet fresh appearance? Dye your hair orange.

And impress everyone with your fancy rock chic look. Your orange hair dye will emit a ray of sunshine from your personality. This semi-permanent, special effects orange is the best choice to make your day more bright. It is so bright that it seems almost neon.
It works best on bleached hair for the brightest orange color ever. It will give blazing highlights on dark-colored hair like brown and black.

You will be amazed when you’ll look at the blend of orange and brown on your hair. It turns out to be a very different yet awesome hair color. Want to hear another best thing about this product? Surprisingly, it lasts for four months. No special effects semi-permanent color lasts longer than this one.

6. Special Effects Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Sonic Green

Green is a new chic hair color, which is going to be a very popular fashion trend in summers 2020. It is certainly not a common color up till now, but if dyed correctly, the mermaid hues of green turn out to be the funkiest color ever. Special effects hair dyes have a forest green shade, which can also be turned to aquamarine if you use less product. However, everyone’s hair type is different and will bring a different shade of green.

Don’t worry if you do not get the same color you looked in the Instagram picture of fashion bloggers. For best results, always bleach your hair first and then apply the hair dye. If you use it on your natural dark brown or black hair, it will leave a teal color on your hair, which is cool in its way.

7. Ardell RAW Fuchsia Fatale Demi-Permanent Hair Color:

If you want a hair color to last for more than three weeks, RAW Fuchsia semi-permanent hair dye is for you. Although the bottle says it lasts up to 45 washes, it actually lasts up to 24 showers. That means if you shampoo your hair thrice a week, it will last for eight weeks, which is a total bonus pack for you.

It is a safe and damaging formula. It doesn’t contain ammonia or any harsh chemical. Today, many people complain about the hash effects these chemicals cause to their hair. There is a huge increase in baldness, hair loss, and even grey hair. So, we must use those products which can help us with temporary styling only.

This product contains no activator and inhibitors. And you don’t even need to mix it with any inhibitor; this semi-permanent hair dye is itself enough to dye your locks perfectly. You can also use your own hair color in this product to enhance your natural hair color and give it the shine and glow it needs.

Besides this, you can also tone or highlight your hair color by using this amazing hair product. On the downside, this hair color has a little developer added to it. This developer opens the hair cuticles and enters the hair shaft to last longer than semi-permanent hair dyes.

8. Special effects Semi-Permanent Hair Dye-Devilish

Are you confused between dying your hair red or pink? Well, here’s a solution for you, this Devilish Hair dye is for you. Devilish is a great shade that is a blend of red and pink color. It goes well even if you don’t bleach your hair. But it lasts longer on bleached hair.

If you bleach your hair, it may last for about eight weeks. In the initial weeks, the color appears to be exotic red more like a maroon. After three weeks it turns to be between red and pink. And in the last few weeks, it fades to a very soft pink color. So, why not try a color which will give you a 2 in 1 shade? It is a must-try!

This hair dye has less staining than all other ones. It will not rub off on your bed sheets or pillows. But it bleeds in the shower a lot, and when you dry your hair with a towel, it will stain that too. So, beware and use a spare towel whenever you use special effect hair dyes.

9. Special Effects Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Candy Apple Red

You may have heard that red color tends not to stay or last in your hair for a long time. If this is the case with you, one may have never tried this candy apple red hair dye. It is the most bright and vivid special effects hair color you will ever know. Initially, it turns into a deep red color. As it fades, it turns into a brighter red color. As time passes, it still fades into a vivid shade of red. Shortly, it lasts longer than any red shade of special effects hair dye.

The company says it lasts up to 3-6 weeks, but it lasts even longer. It’s just your hair root’s growth that makes the color fade. But it never goes for months. You have to bleach your hair to cut down the red shade off your hair thoroughly. So, if you want to go for a deep red shade that lasts longer and won’t leave you till death, try this, this hair color is worth it.

10. Manic Panic Amplified Semi-Permanent Hair Color – Hot Pink:

Your friends will go ‘wow’ with your new hot pink hair. Pink hair dye turns to be a killer look. It is wild and insane in its way. But this crazy idea to surprise and impress your friends is not possible without the right hair dye. And there is no other perfect shade of pink than Manic Panic’s Semi Permanent-Hot Pink. They have stayed true to their reputation, and there is a lot to love about this one.

It is an amplified version which is much more vibrant than the regular version. It is three times more pigment and gives a very intense color that pops on your head like wow. It lasts about 30% longer than the Classic high voltage line. The company claims to last for 6-8 weeks, which is true because you will notice the first fading after a week or two.

But because this shade of pink is so vibrant, it fades into a deep chestnut even after weeks. On the downside, this hair dye does not give good results on brown hair. However, it works great on blonde hair. But don’t worry if you have dark brown or black hair, it can still provide a unique effect of highlights.


Where to buy special effects hair dyes?

Check it on amazon. It is the best source to buy special effects hair dyes.

How long does special effects hair dye lasts?

It usually lasts for 3-6 weeks. Some colors may last longer.


This article will help you find the best alternative to your hair color. By choosing the right product from my top 10 picks of special effects hair dyes, you’ll rock your Instagram feed.

These semi-permanent hair dyes will prove to be best for the health of your hair. And without damaging your hair, it will change your hair color as well as nourish them by conditioning. Special effects hair dye colors are so vibrant and intense.

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